Electronic Water Conditioner Testimonials

Donald Kraus - Coldwater Indian Band, Merritt B.C.

RE: Hydroflow Water Conditioner

We were originally introduced to the Hydroflow Water conditioners by Nicola Plumbing & Heating in Merritt, BC, many months ago when they presented the new water treatment system to our Band Administration.

The Coldwater Indian Band has very hard water and as a result has had to replaced hot water tanks, water lines, etc. prematurely if not regularly serviced.

Like most people today we are concerned about the environment and the health of the community and that is what attracted us to the Hydroflow systems.

With this ‘new’ water conditioning system compared to the ‘old’ way there are so many positives that it could not be overlooked:

  • Environment – no salt to dispose of into the ground
  • Diabetics – you are not digesting the salt that absorbs into the water line
  • Maintenance – none; with this type of system all you do is connect and plug-in
  • Esthetics – no bulking tank taking up valuable living space
  • Lime Scale – eliminates build-up and will even reduce existing build-up
  • Costs – one time purchasing cost and nothing on-going and at a third of the cost of the ‘old’ system.

To date the Coldwater Indian Band is more than happy with the Hydroflow system and even so much so that we are considering purchasing more of the Hydroflow Water conditioners so that more members of the community can benefit from the Hydroflow technology.

I would recommend the Hydroflow Water conditioners to anyone who has an issue with hard water in their water system.

In co-operation,

Donald Kraus
Housing Coordinator

Heather - Orillia, Ontario

Hi Shaun

We have had a Hydroflow water conditioner installed at our cottage in Haliburton for 8 weeks now and are happy to notice a definite difference in the water coming out of the tap. Washing the dishes is much easier as the soap in the sink is still working at the end of the job not just for the first couple of minutes. Shampoo lathers more easily when we shower and the water feels better on our skin. We are happy that this is happening without putting a chemical into our septic system.

We had previously installed a “wire wrap softener” but were disappointed that it did not make a discernable difference to the hardness of the water.

My daughter who lives in Chelsea where the water is also very hard has asked to take the softener to her place for the winter when we disconnect the cottage system as she has noticed the difference and would like to enjoy that at her house.

Rick & Penny Normile - Calgary, Alberta

Dear Sir

My wife and I recently purchased a unit from your company the HS38 model, at first I was a little skeptical but after I installed it within 3 days the water pressure at my house doubled.

We live in Calgary where there is allot of lime in the water, I cannot believe the improvement in taste and look of the water and the difference it made in the amount of laundry soap we have saved. I am now a true believer and will recommend your product to all my friends and co-workers. Thank You

J.R.M. ELECTRIC SERVICES, J.R. Machula - Selkirk, Manitoba

Attn: Shaun Jackson

I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the performance from my Hydro Flow HS 38 which I had purchased from you approximately 5 years ago. When I first bought the unit I was not convinced that the unit would perform the way that it does. Prior to installing the unit I use to have to clean out calcium deposit from my hot water tank at least 2 times a year, and I could not get the volume of hot water that I currently receive from the tank now with the unit installed. It definitely changes the molecular structure of the hard water which we draw from our well. The unit is maintenance free and once installed you can basically forget about and there is no monthly cost involved what so ever. The unit definitely works and I am happy with it’s performance

Jerry Mariano - Kleinburg, Ontario

HydroFlow solved our limescale and hard water problem quickly and effectively. Our water is now cleaner and we no longer have hot water sediments. Our water temperature and pressure also regulate quicker. We had other systems in the past, but none of them worked as well as HydroFlow. This product is not only effective, but it is also better for the environment as it limits the consumption of resources and it is cost-effective bringing down hydro costs significantly. We highly recommend this product.

Chris and Bill Loftus - Barrie, Ontario

Dear Shaun and Jason,

We recently purchased one of your Hydro Flow systems and want to let you know how impressed we are with this product. Not only does it do all the things you said it would, but we have to let you know one of the bonus things we have noticed.

It was only a couple of days after having it installed that all of us noticed how soft our hair was and that our skin was not so dried out. Our thanks to you for not only the Hydro Flow but also your wonderful service.

Mr. & Mrs Phillips - Barrie, Ontario

Hi Shaun,

We had our Hydroflow installed a couple of months ago and already we see that there are no spots on the cutlery. The stainless steel interior of the dishwasher is no longer filmy but shiny and bright! There’s no more ring around the bowl either! My skin feels softer and less dry without that slippery feeling I got with the salt kind of softener too! That’s a real bonus.
Thanks so much for such a super product.

Phyllis - Barrie, Ontario

I have been a resident of Barrie for along time. For the last 15 years so I have had a water softener due to the hard water problem. In May I purchased the new method of treatment for water – the HydroFlow. I took a chance and disconnected the water softener. I was not sure of the system. However, now after almost 5 months, I have saved so much money just in salt purchase alone.The savings on water used for backwash. Forgetting the bypass for watering the lawn and then to turn it back on for inside use. I called **** to remove the softener and I got such an earful from the salesman it would make your hair curl!! Trying to advise me that no gaget could ever do the job of the salt and softener. He was so small minded about anything new. I still save on my use of shampoo, soap, and there are no rings around the collar and no slimey feel after a shower. I am still very please with the Hydro Flow and have been telling my neighbours about the unit.

Wayne Grier - Swan River, MB

I purchased a Home in Swan River, Manitoba in April of 2010 that had a non-working water softener. I expect it was many years since this softener was operational and the lime scale was unbelievable. We purchased a new Dishwasher with a Stainless steel interior. Within a week it had a thick coating on it. Not wanting the soapy feel or the cost & maintenance of a water softener, we researched other solutions. HydroFlow seemed to make sense to us & was a fraction of the cost. After 4 months we are truly happy we made the choice that we did. The improvement was almost immediate although I expect that our HydroFlow system is still working diligently in trying to remove all of the built up lime scale that was years in the making. Thank-you HydroFlow!!

Pam - Edmonton, Alberta

HydroFLOW has been great! I knew it wasn’t a water softener when I purchased it, but I’m finding that soap and shampoo suds up better. I do not get bathtub rings or hard water limescale on anything anymore. Thanks for the follow-up as I will recommend this to anyone and I have. I would like to get one for each of my kids but it will have to be when I have saved a bit more– maybe by summer. I will stay in touch to order them.

Gary - Edmonton, Alberta

Since I installed the HS-44 a few months back, I have noticed that my hot water tank is more efficient. I have since turned the temperature dial on the tank a full notch and a half down , to maintain my desired hot water temperature. This will in turn , use less natural gas to heat the water to the desired temperature. I have also noticed that the scale buildup in my plastic water lines is breaking up, and is being flushed out at the taps in my home. The screens on the taps catch the breakup, all one needs to do is remove the screens, wash them and replace them back. I do this monthly , and once all the scale buildup is gone ,it will not be necessary any longer. Another note, I notice is the washing machine uses less soap per load to wash the same amount of clothes. Overall, I am very happy with the unit, it works as advertised, as time goes on, I keep noticing the hot water tank is improving, rather then aging.